Sony To Continue “Infamous” Game Franchise

Though “Uncharted” takes all the headlines and “God of War” is more well known, one of Sony’s well-regarded exclusive franchises is the “Infamous” series.

All three major games released across the PS3 & PS4 have scored in the 80s on Metacritic, and “Infamous: Second Son” remains one of the PS4’s strongest exclusive bright spots two years into the latest console’s launch. Since the stand-alone expansion “Infamous: First Light” came out, producer Sucker Punch studios has been essentially silent with no future games announced.

This has led to the obvious question, is Sony ditching the franchise? PlayStation boss Scott Rohde tells Kinda Funny Games that there’s no such plans: “We’re never going to retire an IP. We’re always going to be open to [making more Infamous games]. That’s about the best way I can answer that.”

The site adds that Sucker Punch have been working on a new game which both Rohde and PlayStation Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida have reportedly played an early version of.