Sony: The PS4 Is In Its ‘Final Phase’

There’s been a gap of 6-7 years between every generation of PlayStation games console, which means if Sony sticks to the pattern it will release the PlayStation 5 sometime between late next year and Fall 2020.

That timetable may well hold as Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO John Kodera reportedly said at a corporate strategy meeting on Tuesday that the PS4 is entering the ‘final phase’ of its life cycle says a reporter for The Wall Street Journal (via Variety).

Kodera also reportedly said Sony plans to launch more PlayStation exclusives and beef up its line-up of first-party titles with new IPs, sequels to previously standalone titles, and reboots/refreshes of existing IPs.

Sony has sold more than 73 million PlayStation 4 consoles since its launch in November of 2013, more than double that of its main rival the Xbox One. PS4 took the early edge thanks to XB1’s disastrous launch which tried to sell the console as a dedicated always online media hub that happened to play games vs. Sony’s dedication to the device as a games machine.

Sony also had the most powerful non-PC console on the market and held that position easily until the arrival of the Xbox One X late last year. Despite the rival’s upgrade, the PS4 & PS4 Pro continues to easily outsell the competition – helped by a far bigger collection of ongoing exclusives whereas Microsoft has come under major fire for their lack of them.

Even so, signs are that sales are slowing down with 19 million PS4 consoles sold in fiscal year 2017, down from 20 million the previous year. The company now expects to sell 16 million this year. Games sold for the console increased from nearly 218 million to about 247 million this fiscal year.

Additionally, it was revealed PSVR and PS Vue are reportedly performing below market expectations due to harder-than-expected competition. Sony has previously stated there will be no new hardware announcements at E3.

Source: Variety