Sony Sets Up A “Resident Evil 5”

Sony Pictures is planning to continue its “Resident Evil” franchise with a fifth entry in the series currently being targeted for a September 14th 2012 release.

Despite all the films receiving a critical drubbing, the franchise has only modest expenses (budgets of $35-60 million) and it has done increasing business with each entry.

Last year’s “Resident Evil Afterlife” however, the first film in the franchise to be shot in 3D, surprised everyone. Domestically little changed with a $60 million gross up only slightly from the third film’s $50 million haul.

Overseas however, the franchise suddenly jumped in significance with a $236 million gross – up dramatically from the previous franchise high of $97 million for the third film.

The new date means only two years will pass between entries, a shorter wait than the three year gap between the previous films.