Sony Releasing MGM’s “Red Dawn,” “Cabin”?

Sony and MGM are currently closing in on a distribution and co-financing deal that would link the two companies for not just the next two James Bond films, but the two other MGM films currently has sitting on its shelf – the Joss Whedon-penned “Cabin in the Woods” and the “Red Dawn” remake reports The Los Angeles Times.

Both films are complete and ready for release, but MGM simply doesn’t have the funds to market and release them. The deal would give Sony distribution control of the aforementioned completed titles as well as MGM’s 4,000-title library on DVD once Fox’s rights to it expire in September. Sony would also provide 50% of the budget for “Bond 23” and 25% of “Bond 24”.

It’s not certain the deal will be done as some “complex terms” are still being sorted out. It’s expected MGM will have a piece of David Fincher’s “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” but Sony has flatly turned down their request for a piece of “Spider-Man”.

If the deal does take place, expect both ‘Dawn’ and ‘Cabin’ to score a release in the second half of the year.