Sony Plans Spider-Man Spin-Off “Morbius”

Sony Pictures has begun development on “Morbius,” a feature based on the “Spider-Man” antihero Morbius the Living Vampire. “Power Rangers” and “Dracula Untold” film scribes Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama wrote the script which was just submitted to the studio after a secret development process.

Created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane, Morbius is in the comics is Dr. Michael Morbius, a scientist who suffered from a rare blood disease and attempted to cure himself and instead became inflicted with a form of vampirism. Over time he has become a slightly heroic figure in his own right.

The character first appeared in ‘Amazing Spider-Man #101,’ the first issue not written by co-creator Stan Lee. Details of Sony’s take on the character are not known but follows in the wake of the currently shooting “Venom” and the soon to film “Silver & Black” which aren’t connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Sharpless and Sazama also serve as showrunners on Netflix’s “Lost in Space” reboot which debuts next year.

Source: THR