Sony Plans “Assassin’s Creed” Film

Sony Pictures is in final negotiations to adapt and distribute a film (and potential franchise) based on Ubisoft’s popular video game series “Assassin’s Creed” reports Variety.

The game series, which began in 2007, has the player starring as Desmond Miles – a bartender captured by a secret corporation called Abstergo Industries and forced to go back in time to various historical periods to relieve the memories of his ancestors — all assassins — in order to recover ancient artifacts.

It ultimately deals with the conflict between Templars and Assassins, two secret organisations with different ideologies who have influenced major historical events. Over 30 million copies of the games have been sold worldwide.

The first game takes place around Jerusalem, Damascus and Acre during the Third Crusade in the 12th century. The second and third are set around various Italian cities like Florence, Venice and Rome during the Renaissance in the 15th century. The fourth around various districts of Ottoman-era Constantinople in the early 16th century.

Ubisoft recently created a film division specifically allowing it to maintain more creative control over the development of its games for other platforms. As ‘Creed’ is a likely tentpole action film, Sony would likely co-produce and co-finance the production.

This marks the third game-to film project the studio has in development alongside film takes on “Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune” and “InFamous”.