Sony Plans “Amazing Spider-Man” Spin-Offs?

Coming off a bad year, Sony Pictures looks to be doing some major re-organising as the company on the whole plots a “significant shift in emphasis from motion pictures to higher margin television” according to Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton during a conference call with investors.

This means Sony is cutting back on its overall film slate down to around 18 movies a year rather than the 22-24 of recent years. In fact the belt tightening has already begun, Sony opened nine films this past summer but only has four releases in the same period next year.

Sony Pictures co-chairman Amy Pascal also added a most interesting quote when asked about films the studio has planned over the next few years:

“We are going to access Marvel’s full world of Spider-Man characters, so be on the lookout for new heroes and villains.”

This has quickly led to speculation that the studio is seriously considering spin-offs set in the Spider-Man universe, especially the use of the phrase ‘new heroes’. It also pretty much assures the appearance of The Sinister Six in the upcoming Spidey sequels, and has already re-ignited talk of a potential “Venom” spin-off.

While that means more comic book movies from Sony, it also means less types of other films as the studio. Sony says they plan to set a “higher bar” and will be far more tough and stringent in terms of green lighting new projects. Directors in particular will be “on the financial hook for financial overruns”.

Sources: The Wrap and Deadline