Sony Planning An “Invisible Man” Remake?

H.G. Wells’ “The Invisible Man” novella has seen several film and TV adaptations over the years ranging from the classic James Whale-directed 1933 film for Universal, to the BBC’s quite faithful 1984 mini-series adaptation, to Paul Verhoeven’s modern spin in 2000’s “Hollow Man”.

Today, The Tracking Board has posted a rumor saying that Sony Pictures is developing a new film adaptation of the classic story which Lucy Fisher and Douglas Wick will produce.

The site also claims the new spin “will make the Invisible Man the villain of the film, with the audience following the hero that is tasked to hunt him down.”

The project reportedly has no connection to Universal’s upcoming remake of the 1933 film that’s in development as part of their proposed Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe initiative which began with seeds sown in last year’s “Dracula Untold”.