Sony Pictures Skipping Comic-Con 2019

Sony Pictures Skipping Comic Con 2019

Sony Pictures has become the latest studio to opt out of next month’s San Diego Comic-Con after staging panels at Comic-Con last year for both “Venom” and “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”.

This marks the third major studio to skip the confab following Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures both opting to skip the July 18th-21st event, and while there’s no official word as yet – Lionsgate is also expected to skip this year.

Sony had no comment as to its absence. Upcoming Sony titles that might have been relevant include the Vin Diesel-led “Bloodshot” and Marvel’s “Morbius” which open next February and July respectively.

The absence leaves only Disney/Marvel, Paramount Pictures and Warners’ New Line division as the sole film studios making presentations. Throughout the 2000s and the earliest years of the 2010s, San Diego Comic Con became the place du jour to make a big publicity splash for upcoming genre films.

The past few years however has seen it fall out of favour with film studios following some high profile flops, though TV series remains a big draw for the convention.

Source: Deadline