Sony Open To “Robocop” Reboot Sequel

A new report suggests that a potential sequel to last year’s reboot of the sci-fi franchise “Robocop” is still in play over at Sony Pictures.

Den of Geek reports that though the first film’s domestic box-office failure with a gross of $58 million, the global success of the film – especially in China and the UK – means the studio is still welcoming pitches for another film in the series.

The first film scored a worldwide total of $242 million along with having a successful home video run, but cost a sizeable $100 million to produce. The site adds that if a further film happens, then it would likely be a Chinese co-production.

The news follows on from reports in recent weeks that suggest the success of “Terminator Genisys” at the Chinese box office could end up green lighting that film’s sequel despite its failure in the United States.