Sony Nabs Verbinski’s Driverless Car Film

Sony Pictures has picked up a pitch from director Gore Verbinski and writer Steve Conrad, who previously teamed on 2005’s Nic Cage film “The Weather Man,” for an untitled project which has been nicknamed “Driverless Car Race”.

The story is described as a large-scale action-adventure that centers on a transcontinental race with driverless cars. Starting out as a beta test between competing software companies to spearhead a driverless car initiative, it quickly takes an unexpected turn as the test becomes a major race from Paris to Beijing.

The focus will be on the everyday people who are passengers in these autonomous cars who try to take control of the experiment as these vehicles go off-road and off the grid. In a statement, Verbinski says:

“Essentially, we are going to take the funniest comedic actors of this generation and slowly unleash them as we examine the very notion of ‘passengers’ who fundamentally cannot remain passive.

At a time when we give more and more liberty away for the benefits of technology, there is nothing more primal and direct as this specific physical abdication of control: Removing a steering wheel from the grasp of human being.

The driver-less car is coming, It’s right around the bend, and it represents an immediate and relevant opportunity to explore the classic ‘Man against Machine’ genre spliced into a large scale Automotive Rally. Stating the obvious – Things are going to get out of control.”

Both Verbinski and Conrad were set to make the North Korean-set “Pyongyang” before the project fell apart in December in the wake of “The Interview” ruckus.

Source: Deadline