Sony Launches PlayStation Film Company

Sony Launches Playstation Film Company

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced the formation of Playstation Productions, a production studio devoted to adapting best-selling Sony video games titles into film and TV productions.

Asad Qizilbash will run and Shawn Layden will oversee the studio whose first slate of projects is already in production, setting up shop on the Sony Pictures lot in Culver City. The hope is that by developing and producing the features and shows in-house, they can break the so-called ‘curse’ of game-to-film adaptations.

Sony’s catalog consist of more than 100 original properties including multiple “Uncharted,” “God of War,” “Metal Gear Solid” and “Infamous” titles along with “The Last of Us,” “Horizon Zero Dawn,” “Days Gone,” “Gravity Rush,” “Resistance” and more.

Source: THR