Sony Keen On Spidey Spin-Off “Silver Sable”?

As we’ve heard that even with the Marvel deal in place, Sony Pictures is still intent on developing an onscreen “Spidey-verse” featuring supporting characters from the comics.

Now, Meet the Movie Press has heard about one potential Marvel antihero who might be a part of that – Silver Sable. News of this potential first hit back during the Sony hack in late 2014, and The Wrap editor Jeff Sneider reportedly says on the podcast that Sony still wants to move forward with a Silver Sable movie.

In fact, it is indicated that “Shame” scribe and “The Hour” creator Abi Morgan is in talks to potentially pen the script. In the comics, Silver Sable is a mercenary (without superpowers) who has been both an ally and enemy of Spider-Man and several other characters.

No other details are provided. It’s still early days though with Sony likely waiting to see how audiences react to “Spider-Man: Homecoming” which just began production this week in Atlanta and has just added Garcelle Beauvais to the cast. New set photos out today show “Beasts of No Nation” actor Abraham Attah on the film’s set along with Martin Starr, Laura Harrier and Kenneth Choi.