Sony Could Pick Up Roland Emmerich’s Next

Update: Deadline add that the film’s name will be “Singularity”, essentially the heart of a black hole – a point at which space-time breaks down and gravity is measured as infinite.

Sony Pictures looks to be pre-emptively picking up “Independence Day” and “The Day After Tomorrow” director Roland Emmerich’s new project which presently has no title and no revealed storyline according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Emmerich penned a spec script and is attached to direct the epic scale project which comes with a set of terms. He has yet to chose his next movie though so this may not progress for a while.

The arrangement sounds strikingly similar to how “2012” got started. That $200 million end of the world film grossed three-quarters of a billion dollars worldwide in 2009.

Emmerich’s period thriller “Anonymous”, centring on Shakespeare, is set for release later this year.