Sony Chiefs Talk “Venom,” “Silver & Black”

After Sony’s planned “Spider-Man” cinematic universe collapsed in the wake of the disappointment of “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” it seemed like their plans had been effectively abandoned.

That changed not long before the arrival of the well-reviewed “Spider-Man Homecoming” into cinemas with the announcement that they were still pursuing a “Venom” spin-off and had come up with a new project – “Silver and Black” which sees mercenary Silver Sable teaming with jewel thief Black Cat.

Sony retains the rights to roughly 900 characters from the Spider-Man side of the Marvel canon. While ‘Homecoming’ was creatively handled by Marvel and is a part of the MCU, these other two projects are entirely Sony’s and separate entities.

One thing they are planning though is to offer each picture with a distinct and different style – escaping the confines of a shared cinematic universe where things have to fit a certain tone and formula according to Variety.

The Tom Hardy-led “Venom” is being dubbed a horror film, and the film’s director Ruben Fleisher tells the trade: “I’ve always been drawn to the more antihero superheroes. There’s a dark element to [Venom] and a wit that has always appealed to me.”

Columbia Pictures president Sanford Panitch says “Venom” will draw on the work of John Carpenter or David Cronenberg and at the same time promising “more pop and fun”.

With “Silver & Black,” director Gina Prince-Bythewood compares it to “Midnight Run” and “Thelma & Louise” and says: “I wanted to tell the story of two damaged women who are at war with each other but need each other to survive.”

The comments come as a new rumor has emerged indicating several villains will be popping up in “Silver & Black”.

That Hashtag Show reports that the film is being planned as “an old school action film in the vein of The Dirty Dozen”. The result is numerous bad guys including: Mac Gargan/Scorpion, Mendel Stromm/Gaunt, Anton Rodriguez/Tarantula, Dimitri Smerdyakov/Chameleon, and Lonnie Lincoln/Tombstone. Only Gargan/Scorpion is expected to feature prominently.