Sony Announcing Seven New Games Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning, Sony’s PlayStation division is reportedly set to announce seven new games and offer updates on twenty-one previously announced games coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR.

The reveal is a part of Paris Game Week which kicks off tomorrow. The reveal will take place at 9am US-PST as part of a live-stream. After the games are announced Monday morning the rest of the live-stream will focus on the other games that will be at the expo.

E3, GamesCom, and the Tokyo Game Show this year didn’t see much in the way of new game announcements, mostly putting the focus on remakes, remasters, re-releases or new titles already previously announced.

Titles like “Death Stranding” and “God of War” will hopefully score some updates, but it’s the new ones that people are wondering about. Check back Monday October 30th after 9am US-PST for details.