Sony Animation Seeking “Instant Karma”

Sony Pictures Animation has picked up the rights to “Sky High” writer Paul Hernandez’s comedy fantasy script “Instant Karma” reports Variety.

Hernandez will direct the live-action/CGI hybrid which follows a misguided safecracker from New Orleans who finds himself reincarnated as a fly.

Doing good deeds to improve his karma, he moves up the food chain through a variety of animals including a frog, a raccoon and a dog as he tries to get back to his human body and the woman he loves.

The project has gone through numerous other variations at Universal, Dreamworks and New Line where Sony picked it up after it was put into turnaround. Dwayne Johnson, Pierce Brosnan and Gene Wilder had been attached to the voice cast of previous versions.

Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio are producing.