Sonnenfeld, Morrison Plan “Dinosaurs vs. Aliens”

This year we get to see hostile extraterrestrials invading during the days of the Old West in Jon Favreau’s “Cowboys vs. Aliens”. A few years from now though, the outer space buggers are planning to go even further back in time than that.

“Men in Black” film series director Barry Sonnenfeld and comic writer Grant Morrison are teaming to develop “Dominion: Dinosaurs Versus Aliens”, a cross-platform property to be produced as both a graphic novel and a movie reports Deadline.

The comic, to be published through Liquid Comics later this year, chronicles a secret prehistoric battle when aliens invade Earth. Our only hope is dinosaurs who turn out to be a lot more intelligent than previously realised.

Sonnenfeld will direct the film and will produce with Arnold Rifkin and Sharad Devarajan.