Something IS Happening With “Dredd 2”?

Last week actor Karl Urban got fans of 2012’s “Dredd” film excited with a tweet saying he’d love to return to the Judge Dredd role for a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon as “there’s a gold mine of awesome Mega City One stories” from the original comics that could still be used as source material.

Cut to a week and a half later and Urban was a guest at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. The film and his comment came up during his panel on Saturday afternoon. Urban was asked about it and, according to one tweeter in attendance, said that “conversations are happening” regarding the film.

Hardly anything approaching a confirmation, but it’s arguably the best indicator so far that a follow-up might be more than just a pipe dream. The fan base for the film has been vocal about their desire for a sequel to the 2012 film which was co-written by Alex Garland (“Ex Machina”) and helmed by Pete Travis.