Some The X-Files 2 Updates

Quite a bit of movement on “The X-Files” sequel this weekend. Initially a photo of Mulder in werewolf make-up along with a legitimate looking callsheet showed up at Cinema Blend from an anonymous source.

A few hours later however, both photos were disqualified as fakes. Fox’s misinformation campaign on the film seems decidedly consistent in trying to convince people this is a werewolf story when leaked call sheets that are accurate confirm that is simply not the case. Even the call sheet posted here on Dark Horizons is looking highly dubious now despite coming from an impeccable and legitimate source.

Meanwhile at the presentation for the film at this weekend’s WonderCon, Chris Carter confirmed that series’ composer Mark Snow will return to score the sequel, Amanda Peet’s role is that of FBI Special Agent Dakota Whitney, the film will have a subtitle (ala ‘Fight the Future’), and if this does well another sequel is likely a lot sooner than the ten year gap between this one and the last one.