Some Quick “Dark Knight Rises” Updates

Production is continuing apace on “The Dark Knight Rises” in the UK and now Cory Booker, the Mayor of Newark in New Jersey, says he’s had a meeting with some of the filmmakers.

“Met with the producer and studio team for the next Batman Movie. Great people! They hope to film scenes in Nwk. Holy Brick City Batman! POW!” he said in a tweet over the weekend.

One almost certain location for filming is Osterley Park House in West London which is closing in two weeks for several days of private hire according to Batman News. It’s expected interiors of Wayne Manor will be shot here during those days.

There’s also talk of some shooting to take place at Inverness Airport in Scotland later this month.

Meanwhile, Showbiz 411 reports that Matthew Modine’s character in the film will be “a politician and a key villain” who goes by the name of Nixon. Modine is expected to shoot all of his scenes in a London studio.