“Soldado” Could Be A “Sicario” Prequel

There’s only a few days left of filming in Mexico City on “Soldado,” the upcoming sequel to 2015’s acclaimed thriller “Sicario,” and everyone involved in the project sounds very high on it.

Yes actress Emily Blunt, director Denis Villeneuve and cinematographer Roger Deakins are not returning, but pretty much everyone else is including scribe Taylor Sheridan along with the film’s producers and actors Benicio del Toro and Josh Brolin.

One producer on it is Basil Iwanyk who tells Collider that there are those who worry that the change of director to “Gomorrah” helmer Stefano Sollima will mean a change of aesthetic, tone or quality. They shouldn’t. Iwanyk says:

“The aesthetic of that movie, our director Stefano Sollima is able to kind of extend that aesthetic and augment it. So if you love the first movie, I truly believe you’re going to love this movie if not more. There’s more bells and whistles and we go deeper with the characters, especially with Benicio’s character.”

Iwanyk loves Sheridan’s script, saying it’s a better film than the already acclaimed first:

“The script was amazing. Truly, I think you could argue that it was better than the first script. It’s a bigger movie; it is just as intense, just as disturbing, just as emotional.

You’re going deeper into both Josh Brolin’s character and Benicio’s character, and I think people are going to be shocked by how relevant the movie is in this current environment, with our new president and what’s going on politically in that world.

I have to say it’s all about Taylor’s script. You had people really skeptical at the studio, myself, the actors, everybody. And Taylor wrote a script and everyone was just like ‘Holy s–t, this is great.’ It was all Taylor.”

Emily Blunt’s character is not returning for the follow-up because Sheridan couldn’t find an organic way to carry her character over. As a result, it also means they made the story so it could serve as either a sequel or prequel:

“You have no idea if it’s before or after [the events of Sicario], if it’s five years—you have no clue. There is no reference at all to the first Sicario, so you don’t know when it happens… Sicario, the world isn’t that specific. It’s just these characters. And frankly we wanted audiences to experience the characters in real-time rather than having an exposition dump saying, ‘Meanwhile in Sicario’.

I have to stress that we love Emily personally and professionally. She’s amazing. She did incredible in the movie, but I think Taylor realized there was nowhere for her to go. Taylor didn’t know where to bring her in the second movie, so he decided it would feel less contrived, less sequel-y, if she wasn’t in the second movie and it was just dealing with Benicio and Josh’s characters. And also again, not really having a relationship to the first movie. It’s more of like another chapter in some ways.”

The film currently does not yet have a release date.