Soderbergh Working On “Hunger Games”

Now this is unexpected. Acclaimed filmmaker Steven Soderbergh is reportedly directing second unit photography on the upcoming adaptation of “The Hunger Games” according to The Playlist.

Soderbergh was spotted on the film’s set and tweets from crew members of the Gary Ross-directed feature suggested the possibility. The site then confirmed that the “Traffic,” “Erin Brockovich” and “Ocean’s Eleven” helmer was indeed employed in that capacity.

If he holds true to what most second unit helmets do, Soderbergh will oversee various establishing shots, inserts and cutaways along with stunts and special effects sequences in the film.

Ross and Soderbergh have been friends for years and Ross asked him to come onboard to help him meet Lionsgate’s extremely tight timeline to get the film into theatres by March.

Soderbergh will then appear at the Venice Film Festival for the premiere of his new film “Contagion” ahead of shooting the Channing Tatum-led male stripper film “Magic Mike”.

Finally, hi-res versions of those EW photos from a few days ago are now online.