Soderbergh Talks Post-Moneyball Future

Despite all the fallout from his re-writes on Steve Zallian’s script for “Moneyball” that soured Sony Pictures on the project right before filming, Steven Soderbergh hasn’t let it affect him.

“There have been a couple of times in my career where I’ve been unceremoniously removed from projects. I don’t waste a lot of energy on it. It doesn’t get you anywhere” said Soderbergh recently in an interview with The Orlando Sentinel.

Instead he’s already moving on to what’s next – “I have a couple of other things in development that I had hoped to move up, but actor’s schedules wouldn’t allow it. But I have something I can get to after the first of the year, and I’m supposed to do my Liberace movie next summer.”

Michael Douglas and Matt Damon star in the Liberace film which has a script by Richard LaGravenese. Status wise “we’re right in the middle of acquiring the money to make it… I’m confident we can get it together. We just may have to do it for a REAL price.”

He also indicates he’s still keen on his Cleopatra musical with songs by Guided by Voices, and he won’t ever do a western. For the full interview, click here.