Soderbergh Talks Bond & A “Kafka” Retooling

After a several year break, Steven Soderbergh is returning to the movies with two projects currently in the works – “Mosaic” and the heist comedy “Logan Lucky”. He also spoke at a retrospective screening of his action thriller “Haywire” this week and revealed that he’s been asked to be involved in the James Bond series – and not just one time. He tells The Playlist:

“Over the years, I’ve been in conversations… I’ve been approached twice about doing a Bond film. And it never quite got anywhere. And [‘Haywire’] in some ways, was my opportunity to do what I would do with a Bond movie.”

It was a rushed opportunity though. The filmmaker had assembled a crew to shoot “Moneyball” but was then fired from the project. Not wanting to let his crew down, he scrambled to assemble another film which was when he saw “Haywire” star Gina Carano in an MMA fight and quickly conceived of a movie around her.

More exciting is his talk of a wholly retooled version of his second film “Kafka”. The rights to the film reverted to him years back and he has since been re-editing the film with the producer as Soderbergh admits he was always unhappy with its uneven tone. Has he nailed it yet?

“I have an idea, I have an approach. It was a movie I was never really happy with even at the time. I’m calling it the ‘Midnight Edition’. It’s very weird. I didn’t solve any of the problems, I’ve just mitigated them by making it so weird. You’re so distracted by the weirdness that you don’t notice what doesn’t make any sense.”

Amongst the changes there are new black and white inserts which were shot during the filming of “Side Effects,” and from the sounds of it the whole film has been redubbed and is now in German.