Soderbergh On His “Hunger Games” Involvement

When it was revealed the other month that Steven Soderbergh was directing second unit filming on Lionsgate’s “The Hunger Games”, it caused a lot of people to wonder WTF?

Now, Soderbergh has spoken with Heat Vision about how he came to be a part of the film adaptation of the best-selling teen lit series, and the “Contagion” filmmaker was well aware of all the “crazy-ass speculation” that happened when it was revealed he was involved.

Asked how he got involved, Soderbergh says “Back in April, [The Hunger Games director] Gary [Ross] — who is a close friend of mine [and] I’ve exchanged creative favors with non-stop over the last 15 years — when he got the boards for the shoot … called me and said, ‘Hey, first week of August, I got these two days of second unit, Is there any way you can come down and help me out? Because I’d rather have you do it than hire somebody who I don’t know’. I said, ‘Actually, that works out.’ We’ll just be finishing Contagion and prepping Magic Mike, and yeah, it could be fun.”

Don’t expect signature Soderbergh filming techniques in the final cut though, he says it was his duty “to come in and duplicate exactly what Gary and [cinematographer] Tom Stern … are doing, to mimic as closely as I can to their aesthetic… that’s what I attempted to do. But if I’ve done my job properly … by design, you won’t be able to tell what I did because it’s supposed to cut seamlessly into what they’re doing.”