Soderbergh Offers “Mosaic” Series Deails

Coming off strong reviews for his new hillbilly heist caper film “Logan Lucky,” filmmaker Steven Soderbergh has already jumped into working on his next effort – the mysterious HBO project “Mosaic”.

We know that Sharon Stone and Garrett Hedlund star and there has been rumors of it boasting a ‘choose your own adventure’ style narrative, but Soderbergh has dismissed that, telling Film Comment that it’s actually a “branching narrative” piece. This allows viewers to follow the story from differing chosen perspectives:

“It’s a branching narrative piece. Branching narratives have been around forever, but technology now allows, I hope, for a more elegant, intuitive form of engagement than used to be possible.

We spent a lot of time on how you touch this thing. I wanted to make sure that it was beautiful and simple, so that when the opportunity arises for you to decide whose perspective you want to follow, it feels organic and not like an interruption – like the thing is just stopping cold.

So there was just a lot trial and error about how that would work. I’m really happy with it now. The question now is if a million people log on at the same time, will it crash? It’s supposed to come out in November.”

The project will be released via a free app and if you watch it through “all the various nodes,” Soderbergh says it clocks in at around seven-and-a-half hours. As for the story itself, it involves a murder but is not a “murder mystery” per se. There are two different timeframes, one contemporary and one four years ago.

He also confirms there will be a linear six-hour episodic version that’s set to air on HBO in January that includes plenty of material that’s not in the app. Finally, he says that the project’s writer Ed Solomon has come up with a “much more complex” piece built on the work they’ve done here.