Soderbergh May Return For More “Knick”?

Steven Soderbergh finished the second season of his hospital drama “The Knick” by essentially ending the show – closing off the storylines of practically all the major characters. Were it to progress, the show would have to recast and reinvent itself completely.

Earlier this year Soderbergh said that was a deliberate plan dating back to when the show was greenlit – he would steer the first two seasons, break out the story for the next two and then try and find a filmmaker or filmmakers to take over for the next two years.

Speaking with Vox this week, Soderbergh was asked to give an update on how plans for a third season of the Cinemax series are going. During the chat, Soderbergh revealed that he may be returning if the writing and ideas they’re coming up with are compelling enough:

“One of the things that David Chase did that I’m happy about is that he destroyed this whole idea of the show has to come on every year, in this month, on this date, and have this many episodes. He just ignored all that and was like, ‘We’ll be ready when we’re ready.’ That sort of dogmatic attitude about what a series is has gone away.

We always envisioned ‘The Knick’ in two-year increments and with the idea of annihilating what came before every two years. The network was excited about that and said that sounds cool. I just met with [writers Jack Amiel and Michael Begler] yesterday. We’re building our idea of what three and four might look like, to get ready to present [to the network]. It’s pretty extreme, but I think it should be.

If we can achieve what I’m hoping, story-wise, then I’d like to keep going. What I hope will happen is that we will figure something out that I’ll feel like I have to do this.”

No word on when a new season might air beyond next year at the earliest.