Soderbergh Goes To “The Laundromat”

Coming off the release of “Unsane” recently, having effectively finished his sports drama “High Flying Bird,” acclaimed filmmaker Steven Soderbergh is already moving onto his next directorial effort – the Panama Papers movie “The Laundromat”.

Re-teaming with his “Contagion” and “Side Effects” scribe Scott Z. Burns, the project revolves around the largest leak of corporate data in history as 11.5 million documents from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonesca were revealed back in 2015 and detailed the various ways powerful elites and corporations hide their money in offshore accounts.

Burns will adapt material from Jake Bernstein’s “Secrecy World” which examines the web of money laundering and other criminal activity revealed in the data leak. Soderbergh has been linked as a producer for a while, but now he’s confirmed to be directing.

One key difference with this film? He won’t shoot this on an iPhone. Rather because of the scale of the shoot, which will take place across six countries, he’ll be using the latest RED Cameras. Filming aims to begin in the Fall.

Soderbergh recently became linked with the six-part TV miniseries “Emin Pasha” penned by “Haywire” scribe Lem Dobs.

Source: The Playlist