So Who Voiced The “Force Awakens” Teaser?

Following on from yesterday’s teaser trailer release, two key questions about it have now been answered and one has been raised.

First up, one question that has come up has been who is providing the trailer’s narration at the beginning. While the voice does sound like Benedict Cumberbatch channeling his Smaug work in “The Hobbit” trilogy, the actual recording is confirmed by Hitfix to have been provided by ‘Force Awakens’ cast member Andy Serkis. His role in the film is said to be small but pivotal.

Next up, the official “Star Wars” twitter account has confirmed that the music you hear in the clip is a sample from the all new John Williams score.

Following the trailer’s release, Disney has also posted four high-res photos from the film – all of them captures from the trailer including a big beautiful FX shot of the trailer’s closing moment with Millennium Falcon engaged in combat with two TIE fighters above a desert.

What’s interesting is that while the other photos have the same aspect ratio as the trailer, this single shot is much squarer and shows off considerably more at the top and bottom of the screen than seen in the trailer – an aspect ratio much more akin to that of IMAX.

Photos have confirmed that IMAX cameras were employed for filming in the deserts around Abu Dhabi, so you might literally see more of that trailer’s final sequence if you check out the film in IMAX.