SnyderCut Billboards Spotted At Comic Con

Snydercut Billboards Spotted At Comic Con

This year’s Comic Con kicks off with preview night tonight in San Diego, and for attendees flooding into the city today – you’re likely to spot numerous billboards for that strangest of film causes – the ‘Release The Snyder Cut’ people.

Launched by fans disappointed with 2017’s “Justice League” and the extensive reshoots conducted by filmmaker Joss Whedon, those in the campaign have been championing their belief that Zack Snyder’s original cut of the film is out there and complete enough for a release – despite no serious proof it exists.

The campaign aims to force Warner Bros. Pictures to release the original version of the DC Comics adaptation, and that push this week comes in the form of thousands of dollars in public billboards at the event and is more civil than some of the harassment going on of Warners studio execs. It follows on from news last week of a letter-writing campaign directed at Warners new CEO Ann Sarnoff.

At the same time, the cause has raised money for suicide awareness and prevention. Check out photos of the billboards below: