Snyder & Warners Had Differing “Justice” Visions

We’re still a few weeks out from seeing “Justice League,” a film primarily of Zack Snyder’s vision, but one that has also had Joss Whedon and the folks at Warner Bros. Pictures playing a not insignificant part in helping shape it.

Also we got word a month ago that the studio was moving away from the interconnectivity between its DC films. That came from a piece in Vulture, and now the journalist responsible has spoken with BOF this week about what didn’t make the story. He said Snyder’s vision for the film differed from the studios significantly:

“That was actually a quote that didn’t show up in the finished piece, but that Diane [Nelson] gave me. It was to the effect of ‘we are a director driven place and Zack [Snyder] had a vision that didn’t necessarily sync up with what our vision of these characters is, but we respect that he wanted to go for that and that’s part of our philosophy.'”

With Snyder’s exit though, it’s not clear how much of his original vision will remain intact due to the Joss Whedon-directed reshoots. Star Ben Affleck has nothing but praise for the work Whedon has done and talks about what he brought to the film, telling SFX (via

“Joss just brought to the movie what good directors bring, which is good taste. A sense of what’s gonna work in the story and what isn’t. An instinct for realism and for finding the humanity in the characters and the humanity in the conflict, then making it accessible and relevant.

I think that’s one of the things he did so well with Avengers, frankly. He really defined the tone, and it felt like a lot of the movies after that sort of fell into that tone that he created. It was a very tricky dance where you have all these people who can do all these fantastic things that’s completely absurd on the face of it, and yet, a good storyteller like Joss brings us in, makes us identify with them, makes them seem real, and makes it interesting. A lot of guys know the comic books, a lot of people have that knowledge base. What Joss really has is talent.”

Whatever the extent of the reshoots, it has now been officially confirmed that Zack Snyder will be the sole credited director on the project which has been rated PG-13. “Justice League” opens in cinemas on November 17th.

Update (10/20): PR firm BH Impact has been in touch and has dismissed the original Batman-on-Film report. They say: “[This story] is based on an erroneous paraphrased quote from DC President Diane Nelson supposedly provided to writer Abraham Riesman. During her interview with Abraham, Diane did not, nor would she ever, criticize Zack Snyder or his vision with anyone on or off the record. Additionally, Abraham has recanted what he said in the podcast on Twitter.”