Snyder To Adapt Ayn Rand’s “Fountainhead”

A week ahead of the release of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” a new feature piece about the film’s director Zack Snyder and his wife and producing partner Debra Snyder has gone online over at THR.

The most surprising bit of news in the whole piece though comes when the pair are asked about what other projects they’re developing outside the DC cinematic universe. It seems Snyder is working on a film adaptation of “Atlas Shrugged” author Ayn Rand’s other most famous work – “The Fountainhead”. Zack says:

“We have The Last Photograph that I’ve been working on for a long time. It’s a small, sort of weird project about a war photographer in Afghanistan. I have been working on The Fountainhead. I’ve always felt like The Fountainhead was such a thesis on the creative process and what it is to create something. Warner Bros. owns [Ayn Rand’s] script and I’ve just been working on that a little bit.

The 1943 novel has previously been adapted for film with Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal starring in the 1949 version. The story follows an iconoclastic architect who spends the tale striving to pursue his creative vision and overcome critics and colleagues who doubt him, eventually winning out and becoming recognized for his greatness. The story is also infamous for a scene in which Roark rapes the female lead.

It was a precursor to Rand’s famous and contentious objectivist philosophy which puts ruthless individualism above any kind of collectivism, though in the case of ‘Fountainhead’ she avoids the political and economic implications of her philosophy as opposed to ‘Atlas’ where they are front and center.

Snyder is being kept busy for the near future though with both “Justice League” films on the way.