Snyder: The Dead Robin Was Dick Grayson

Snyder The Dead Robin Was Dick Grayson

Filmmaker Zack Snyder has taken to the social media platform Vero this week and answered some questions posed by fans on social media about his work including the recent DCEU films like “Man of Steel,” “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” and part of “Justice League”.

Batman News reports that he was asked to confirm if it was Jason Todd’s defaced Robin suit in that quick scene in the Batcave in “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice”. Surprisingly Snyder revealed it wasn’t Todd, the second Robin and the one famously killed by The Joker in the comics. Rather it was actually for Dick Grayson who is still very much alive in the comics as Nightwing.

Why did he change it? No explanation was given. Snyder did add that he planned to have kept Dick Grayson dead and introduce the character of Carrie Kelley as the new female Robin. Kelley took over the mantle in Frank Miller’s classic comic “The Dark Knight Returns” but his work remains the only place where she’s seen.

Warner Bros. Pictures is moving on from Snyder who seems to be fully out of the DCEU for the moment, instead it is focused on more lighter fare such as James Wan’s “Aquaman” and the “Shazam” film.