Snyder Talks Watchmen Status

At a special presentation of nearly a half-hour of “Watchmen” footage in West Hollywood yesterday, director Zack Snyder answered online press questions about the upcoming superhero saga.

The film’s runtime currently stands at about 163 minutes in its current form and could be cut further. Asked about the lawsuit currently leveled at the film by Fox, Snyder says he’s just been working on the movie and it hasn’t hit him yet – ” would have come and stopped us if they wanted to. But they haven’t yet. We are having fun. And we are just making a movie.”

Snyder hopes to include the animated ‘Black Freighter’ short into the film – “Warner Premiere has done a really great job of putting that together for us, so hopefully we will be able to incorporate that back into the film at some point.”

Finally, will there be a sequel? “I don’t know that. That would be interesting. But there can’t be a sequel. There can’t be a prequel. Not with me involved. They might be able to find someone that would do it, but it wouldn’t be me. That’s crazy talk.”