Snyder Talks Further “300” Sequels

When he’s not preoccupied with the future of the DC Cinematic Universe, filmmaker Zack Snyder has been talking briefly about other projects he might pursue once he has the time – projects which have raised eyebrows. Earlier this week came word of his desire to do a film adaptation of Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead,” and a few weeks back he suggested he wanted to do a George Washington biopic in the style of “300”.

Indeed it seems the later might ended up being a direct part of “300”, Snyder revealing in a new interview with Collider this weekend that beyond the sequel “300: Rise of an Empire,” there’s talk of essentially turning the “300” name into a franchise brand that could be slapped onto tales of any historical battle in which a small group takes on a mighty army. When asked if there would be a third “300” film, Snyder said:

“There may be. There may be. We’ve been talking a lot about sort of different incarnations of 300. We’ve been talking about is there a way, possibly, we move out of Ancient Greece and use it as a framing device for other conflicts that happened throughout history.

I think I mentioned that we talked about the Revolutionary War version, and we talked about the Alamo, and we’ve talked about there’s a battle in China, a ‘Lost Legion’ kind of concept, any of those kinds of things are on the table.”

Snyder is busy in the near future though with the release of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” this coming Friday and the beginning of filming on the first part of “Justice League” next month.