Snyder Talks DC Movies Film Slate Status

With “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” just days away, the film’s producer Deborah Snyder has laid out the packed production schedule for the entire DC Extended Universe and where all the various projects currently stand. Talking with Collider, she revealed the status of which projects are moving forward right now:

“So Suicide Squad is in post and that comes out later this summer, and Wonder Woman we just finished most of the bulk of principal photography in London. They’re taking a two-week hiatus so Gal [Gadot] can some and do press, and then we go back and shoot the Themiscyra sections in Italy, and then come back for some pickups in London, just some green screen and some tank work, and things like that.

We start Justice League April 11th and that is at Leavesden, mostly on stage and some locations around there as well as Iceland and I think a beat in Scotland at the end of the schedule. And we are working with James Wan on the development of the Aquaman script right now, and I’m hoping that sometime first quarter of next year we’ll be in production on that movie as well as working on the script for Flash. So it’s a little busy.”

While the Marvel films have been both applauded and criticised for adopting a fairly consistent look and tone across all the films, Snyder says the various DCEU films will be distinctly different from each other:

“They’re so different from each other. David has created this really fun movie about bad guys trying to do good, and it’s brazen, and it has just a really great tone to it, so it’s really fun. And it’s so different from BvS and it’s completely different from what Patty Jenkins is doing with Wonder Woman.

With Wonder Woman, it’s an origin story, it takes place also in World War I, so as you can imagine you’re kind of in a completely different world. And even just the color palette and everything of the films are so different from one another. And I think that’s what’s so great about having these directors come on board who have a very strong vision and point of view for these character and these stories and they can really make it their own, so that’s pretty cool.”

Snyder was also asked about the power levels of the various other DC heroes – Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash – and how much we’d get to see of those abilities in ‘Dawn’ as compared to their subsequent movies:

“I think that Zack and Geoff Johns sat down and outlined these stories, many of them at least. Really, we did a chart with what their powers were, like what Superman’s powers were, and I think you see a little bit of Wonder Woman. So we get a sense of her power but we didn’t want to do too much because obviously Patty’s going to build up to that and we’re going to learn how she discovers her powers in that movie. And then with Aquaman and Flash and Cyborg, those are a little bit more cameo, so you see a little bit that there’s something different but we don’t want to give too much away because we were just in the process, and we still are, of developing those scripts.”

Also today, an IMAX featurette for the film has been released showing brand-new footage and more behind-the-scenes looks at the film: