Snyder Still Keen to Do “The Fountainhead”

Snyder Still Keen To Do The Fountainhead

In the wake of “Justice League,” filmmaker Zack Snyder indicated he was getting out of the superhero game for now and moving onto other projects.

One such potential project was an ambitious adaptation of Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead,” but that seemed to fall by the wayside when in January Snyder was announced as helmer of Netflix’s zombie horror heist film “Army of the Dead”. That film is set amid a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas and follows a group of mercenaries venturing into the quarantined zone to pull off the greatest heist ever attempted.

So what happened to “The Fountainhead”? In a recent interview with ComicBookDebate, Snyder opened up about the project’s status and his ambitions for the project in today’s political climate:

“‘The Fountainhead’… It’s still important to me, but it’s a really touchy subject right now. People will think it’s hardcore right-wing propaganda, but I don’t view it like that. I just think the story is super fun and crazy and melodramatic about architecture and sex… It’s about time we get a different president so we don’t take s–t so seriously.

I think she [Rand] is incredible and insane and she’s always said story first, not regarding her politics. But it was easy for her to fall victim to her own popularity, and she drank her own Kool-Aid. She didn’t give a f–k. If she was alive right now she would’ve f–king murdered Donald Trump. She didn’t even like Reagan! She thought he was a nationalist. But I’m rambling now, sorry!”

While Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” is more famous, ‘Fountainhead’ is often cited as her best novel and follows Howard Roark, a young architect that refuses to conform to the traditions of his trade and strives to be an innovator in the field.

Both novels laid out Rand’s philosophical system of Objectivism which strongly if not ruthlessly pushes the idea of individualism and laissez-faire capitalism, as a result her work has become a significant influence among right-wing libertarians and staunch conservatives within the United States (ie. ‘far right’/’alt right’) even as Rand herself rejected the labels of Libertarian and Conservative.

Snyder’s “Army of the Dead” is coming to Netflix sometime next year.