Snowpiercer To Hit The U.S. Uncut?

After all the headlines and arguments back and forth, it looks like Bong Joon-ho’s sci-fi epic “Snowpiercer” might make it into Western markets in one piece.

For months now there’s been talk that Harvey Weinstein had planned to cut out up to twenty minutes from the film to try and deliver a more action-oriented version for Western audiences.

None of those involved the film’s making liked the idea, nevertheless test screenings were apparently conducted of various versions to see how they would play.

Now, KoreanFilm reports that Bong appeared at the Mar Del Plata International Film Festival this week and revealed that the film’s overwhelming financial success in Korea and France have demonstrated to The Weinstein Company that the edits probably aren’t in their best interests.

Bong said he recently spent a fortnight in New York, with much of his time there being involved in negotiations concerning “Snowpiercer” and the version to be shown in English-language territories.

As the director’s cut was being screened in these territories, there now seems a better chance that “Snowpiercer” may make it to North America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand unscathed.