Snow White Scribe Talks The Rivalry

Screenwriter Jason Keller tells Vulture that his take on “Snow White” set up at Relativity differs significantly in approach from the rival “Snow White and the Huntsman” project at Universal.

“Ours is not dark. I mean, I know Snow White and the Huntsman is very intense, and lots of chain mail, and armor, and Kristen Stewart has a sword. Ours is an adventure, ours is funny – it’s a comedic adventure! And there’s some great action in it. It’s stunningly gorgeous, and it’s fun … Ours will be PG or PG-13, and the other one will probably be a R. We don’t know yet. But ours is nothing like theirs” says Keller.

He also revealed that the timing of the rivalry had much more impact than you might expect – “At the end of last year, [Relativity] looked around, and they saw Universal was coming out with a Snow White. But they had a script that wasn’t really working, but they knew they wanted to try to keep that, so when they hired me, the first conversation we all had about that was, ‘How do we beat that other project?’ So it was literally something like, ‘We want to beat that other project. We are very, very motivated to do a Snow White project.'”

He goes on to say that he began writing the script there and then, in fact pre-production got into full swing despite the fact he’d only just begun writing said script.

Update: Relativity have sent along a correction regarding the story. Melissa Wallack penned the original draft of the script and several more after that. Keller came on board to continue the work Wallack had already started, which is why the studio was able to head into pre-production as they already had a good idea of where the film would go. Shooting kicked off in June this year in Montreal which was their “original targeted time frame for production”.