SNL’s ‘Space Mistakes’ Lampoons Space Films

Snls Space Mistakes Lampoons Space Films

Science fiction movies are an interesting genre because it can be used as a piggyback for other genres be it haunted house horror (“Alien”), war film (“Aliens”), mythic fantasy (“Star Wars”) and shows like “Star Trek” and “Doctor Who” which often vary their genre with each episode.

Recently there’s been the rise of a subgenre – the emotional space movie. “Interstellar,” “First Man,” “Ad Astra” and less successfully “Lucy in the Sky” have all exploited a mishmash of grand space drama with grounded albeit manipulative domestic tales about emotionally and physically absent loved ones (most commonly father figures).

Now, “Saturday Night Live” is making fun of them with a segment in their latest episode titled “Space Mistakes” with Chance the Rapper playing a generic dad who tucks his son in goodnight and heads off to space where things start to go wrong in quick succession.

In a brilliant bit of timing as well, the sketch was immediately followed by a commercial break which began with an ad for the Apple TV+ original series “For All Mankind” launching Friday. That series imagines an alternate history where the space race of the mid-20th century never stopped after the Soviet Union landed on the moon first and left the U.S. rushing to beat them.

Be advised due to geo-restrictions, the clip is only available for U.S. viewers.