Snipes Returns For MLK/Hoover Tale “Zorro”

Wesley Snipes is getting involved in the 1960’s-set true story thriller biopic “Code Name Zorro” reports Deadline.

The film centers on the final moments in the life of William Sullivan, the man who headed up the Zorro project – a super-covert program initiated by J. Edgar Hoover to destroy Martin Luther King’s credibility. From wiretapping to fraud, the group set up numerous illegal schemes and Sullivan intended to air all of the dirty laundry about the project to a journalist. Sullivan was killed in a “hunting accident” shortly thereafter.

Justin Stamm penned the script and Snipes has received endorsement from Martin Luther King Jr.’s son, Martin Luther King III. Snipes will produce, be involved in selecting cast and director, and will likely play a role though which one is presently undetermined.