Snipes Returning For A Fourth “Blade”? Hmmm

In an unexpected and frankly dubious report, The New York Daily News says that Wesley Snipes is set to reprise the role of Blade in a new film in the vampire thriller franchise based on the comic book series.

Their sources claim 52-year-old Snipes will make $3 million for the film, along with a cut of the profits, and that his post-jail comeback is “looking good”.

The report fails to mention anything about the rights to the franchise, which are no longer with New Line and reverted to Marvel and Disney in May 2013. That same month the studios announced a new “Blade” was being developed but there’s been no movement on the project since.

Even if one is in the works, and with no screenwriter or director attached it’s unlikely, the talk about Snipes’ involvement sounds premature at best.