Snazzy “Nymphomaniac” Promo Image

Zentropa has unveiled this quite stunning cast photo for Lars von Trier’s upcoming two-film project “Nymphomaniac”.

The photo features a shirtless Shia LaBeouf, Willem Dafoe with a suspicious trouser stain, Christian Slater about to wash Charlotte Gainsbourg’s lady parts, Stellan Skarsgard getting some foot action, Udo Kier copping an eyeful of Uma Thurman, and Jamie Bell on the sidelines with some paper towels.

von Trier is in the midst of a major post-production phase with editing having only begun on the second feature.

Zentropa has also announced it will premiere the first film in Copenhagen in December ahead of a local release that Christmas. Magnolia Pictures will release the movie States-side.

Source: THR