Snake Plissken & Jack Burton Meet In Comics

In time for the 30th anniversary of John Carpenter’s cult classic “Big Trouble In Little China,” Boom! Studios is set to publish a six-part crossover comic that should delight fans of the Carpenter/Russell collaborations says EW.

In the comic, Big Trouble’s Jack Burton time-travels from 1986 to the year 1997, a dystopian realm where he meets the eyepatch-wearing Snake Plissken from Carpenter’s “Escape from New York”. Kurt Russell played both roles in the films and to this day they are still arguably his most iconic characters.

Greg Pak is penning and Daniel Bayliss is doing the art for the comic which has the full approval of Carpenter. Whether the villains of the films, Isaac Hayes’ The Duke and James Hong’s Lo-Pan, will show up – you’ll have to wait and see.

Boom Studios will also be releasing two books later this year – “The Official Making of Big Trouble in Little China” and “The Art of Big Trouble in Little China” for fans of the cult classic.