Smith Talks Ruins Sequel & End

Director Carter Smith has spoken with Bloody Disgusting about the upcoming Mexico-set/Australia shot horror flick “The Ruins” and revealed some juicy spoiler information so be warned – stop reading now if you want to keep the surprise.

For those still with us, when asked about a sequel he admits that he hasn’t “talked at all about a sequel”.

He says that “Audiences are so jaded these days that they just assume it’s set up for a sequel, while the ending you saw was about keeping the integrity of the darkness. That was what I loved about the book was that it was so bleak and dark… I couldn’t believe it ended the way it did, it took me by surprise.”

He also spoke a bit about what’s next for him – “There are a couple projects I’m working, a adaptation of a book called Come Closer, by Sara Gran, [It’s] the story of a New York women who becomes convinced she might be possessed by a demon. Then there’s a book that I adapted into a screenplay called Troll, [which is] a very adult fairy tale. [It’s] Strange dark cross between E.T. and Lolita.”