Smith Pilot Looking For Buyers

The “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” pilot episode isn’t dead yet.

One of the most high profile pilots in development this past season, the potential series was to see Martin Henderson and Jordana Brewster take on the roles made famous by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in the 2005 action film starrer.

Regency TV produced the pilot for ABC to develop for the season, but this week when the network announced its Fall schedule, the series was not on the list – thus not making the final cut.

Now according to Reuters, part of Regency’s deal with ABC was that the production company was granted an early release on the pilot. As a result, they plan to begin shopping the series to other networks as early as next week.

Producers Simon Kinberg and Doug Liman (who wrote and directed the 2005 film respectively and reprised those roles on the pilot) as well as Brewster and Henderson remain attached.