Smith Offers “Jay & Silent Bob Reboot” Update

Smith Offers Jay Silent Bob Reboot Update

Filmmaker Kevin Smith has confirmed that the upcoming “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot” film is scheduled to begin shooting in November.

The film sees the titular duo (played by Jason Mewes and Smith) learning that “Bluntman and Chronic,” the film made about them in “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,” is set to be rebooted. They drive across country to stop filming once again, just like they did in the first film.

Smith, speaking during his annual ‘An Evening With Kevin Smith’ panel at Comic-Con, says fans should expect similar cameos from the first film and has confirmed three regulars from “The Flash” – actors Grant Gustin, Carlos Valdes, and Tom Cavanagh – will all appear.

Smith has directed three episodes of the series in recent years and co-starred with Mewes as a pair of hapless security guards in an episode last season.

Source: CBM