Smith & Mewes To Guest On “The Flash”

Jay and Silent Bob themselves, actors Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes, will both appear on “The Flash” in an upcoming episode of the fourth season.

Smith has been directing episodes of the series since the second season and helms the upcoming seventeenth episode of the fourth season run. Talking on Fatman on Batman, Smith revealed that he and long time friend and collaborator Jason Mewes will be playing security guards in the episode titled “Null and Annoyed”.

Best known on screen for their iconic “Clerks” characters Jay and Silent Bob, Smith says that they are not specifically playing those roles but fans will be pleased to hear their scenes have Mewes with all the dialogue while Smith remains silent.

Mewes previously had a cameo in the second season as a man who complained about Big Belly Burger before watching his mother’s car get totalled by a metahuman.