Smith, Goldsman Set For “Brilliance” Re-Team

Having previously teamed on “I, Robot” and “I Am Legend,” Will Smith and writer/producer Akiva Goldsman are re-teaming for another sci-fi feature titled “Brilliance” at Paramount Pictures.

Based on Marcus Sakey’s bestselling novel trilogy, Goldsman will write the adaptation and produce the film with Shane Salerno. The story is set in a future where ‘brilliants’, the rare 1% born gifted with superior mental abilities starting from 1980, are carefully tracked by the government.

A federal agent (Smith) is tasked with using his own gift – the ability to read body language so well that he can predict people’s moves – to infiltrate a radical group and hunt down another ‘brilliant’ who could plunge the entire country into a devastating civil war.

The property was previously set up at Legendary and Universal as a potential vehicle for Smith, but rights reverted back to Sakey who wrote two more books and fleshed out a potential franchise.

Source: Heat Vision